Setting up Recess Guardians

Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians is a very versatile and accommodating program. We take pride in the fact that we can adapt and work with any type of school we come across.

The first step is to communicate with us by e-mail or phone and let us know you are interested. From that point, we can discuss the different ways we can work with your school and when we would be able to come out.

Our group of fun-loving volunteers comes right to you, so there's no need to get permission slips or take the students away from class time. We do our best to work with the students during times that are ideal for the teacher and class, such as during gym time or lunch hour.

To have Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians come out to your school, we need the following:

  • A class who is energetic and willing to be leaders in their school. We usually target a class or group of students in the grade 4-6 range.
  • Access to a gym or large area in order to teach the games with appropriate space.
  • A teacher or adult who will take responsibility for the program once we leave. To have the program continue to be sustainable and run successfully, this is a must.

We teach a lot of games that can be played in a variety of spaces and places. There are even games that are great for indoor recesses on those cold, winter days.