Recess Guardians teaches youth through unstructured play, to enhance life skills for positive development.


To empower all youth to reach their full potential and become leaders in their schools and communities.


Leadership - Leading the community by example and inspiring positive influence and building self-esteem by instilling leadership skills in youth. 

Engagement – Giving a voice to kids through Recess Guardians programming; allowing teachers to see the abilities emerge from their students. Engaging the whole community and everyone involved, because everyone has to buy in the program to result in success.

Inclusivity – Providing the opportunity for every kid to play and lead, on and off the playground. With this value we will ensure that the Recess Guardians program is accessible to kids from all walks of life.

Growth & Development – encouraging a healthy lifestyle all-encompassing of mental and physical wellness. As an organization, we will strive to continue to grow and develop programming in conjunction with our mission and vision.

Fun & Play – If it is not fun, we aren’t doing it right! Recess Guardians uses fun, unstructured play to encourage activity, creativity, and leadership on the playground. Fun is a catalyst for everything Recess Guardians is doing. This also is a foundation for allowing kids to be kids, which is a key to success. 

The Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians was first started as a way to get youth more active during recess.

Through an internship at one of Saskatoon’s community schools, we saw that recesses were not what they once were. Much to our surprise, it appeared as though the students had simply forgotten how to play at recess. Instead, many of the students used recess as a time to gossip, bully one another, and get into mischief. Further, students were increasingly attached to their screens they carried around—iPods, cell phones and other similar devices.

Founder & Executive Director Michael McDonald 

Knowing what impact inactivity has on a young mind, the founders of SBC Recess Guardians developed a simple program with the goal of teaching kids just that: how to play again.

SBC Recess Guardians began in the 2008/2009 school year in Saskatoon. We started off running in 11 community schools, with volunteers from the University of Saskatchewan College Of Kinesiology. The first year was a drop-in program, but as we have progressed, we have a developed a structure that has largely contributed to the success and growth we are seeing today.

For all four years of our existence, we have been funded by the Law Enforcement Guardians of Saskatoon through Care & Share. It has been a great partnership, as we share three common goals:




In 2011, Saskatchewan Blue Cross jumped on board as one of our amazing sponsors. From their support, we have been able to expand the program across the province, bring on more volunteers, and add diversity in the programs we offer. In 2012, they became our title sponsor, and we look forward to making the program even bigger and better for youth across the province

The program is now in over 110 schools across Saskatchewan. Our success is entirely contributed to the support from our local and provincial partners, the volunteers that bring energy to each session, and to the schools who are dedicated to making recess an enjoyable and inclusive experience for everyone!